artistI am based in the European capital city of Wales, Cardiff, and have been painting for 33 years. I took a year out during my BA in Fine Art and lived in the Balearics, where I studied Mediterranean light and landscape using watecolours. I also carved directly into Olive wood. I still enjoy sculpture.

Meditation showed me the true nature of reality. I saw spirits of light ; this confirmed that death is a lie and light our true nature.

After studying in Leeds Metropolitan University I returned to Wales in 1996, where I helped set up a studio complex in Cardiff and worked in furniture restoration and also designed furniture and sculpture.

I studied a Master degree course in Fine Art at the University In Wales Cardiff (UWIC) in 2000; I was awarded a Post Graduate Diploma for completing a year of study successfully.

To date my work has evolved into a series based on a process of staining canvas that involves water and the interaction of water based pigment, using acrylic media. Narrative form can appear, like traces left in sand, or just as importantly, story will become the lesser sibling of colour.

My current work, developed more than a decade ago, is a process of painting that allows me to access codified information. I use the medium of water to access this code.Intervention allows me to edit the code. Information is then presented to the general public.

The work is highly collectable and now resides in several private collections in Europe, U.S. and

the UK.

My intention is to continue with the current program for another decade or three until success or death alters the pattern of my daily grind.

Artistic Statement
The power of the artist
Is driven by the Will.
Not the hand and eye.
This vision is internal not external.
Without this facility you are bound to the surface of reality.
You will never become a poet of truth.
To go deep submerge in craft and listen.